In-Game Advertising For the Win?

by Tayman on July 9, 2009

Real life advertising in MMOGs has not been a major issue since most games in the MMORPG segment are fantasy based games. It just wouldn’t make sense to see a Wal-Mart billboard randomly placed on the roads in World of Warcraft. As the MMOG scene becomes diversified, would you be opposed to seeing real life ads in game? Many people will say that it makes it harder to become immersed in the digital world. If the game is set in a real-life atmosphere, I think it would have the opposite effect. it’s pretty realistic to see 12 thousand billboards plastered all over the place in real life.
The most important question is: “Will the added revenue from in-game advertising help create an outstanding MMO?”
Unfortunately, I personally think it will only help their “bottom line”…

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Josh July 26, 2009 at 2:02 pm

Just look at Anarchy Online, they have had real life advertisement sin their game for a long time now – and only now are the dev’s building a new engine for the game (current one sucks)

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