Faction vs PK (Player-killer)

by Tayman on June 30, 2009

Anyone who has played a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game with player versus player content will agree that there are several advantages and disadvantages to a faction based system and an all out every man for himself player killer system. First, lets take a look at faction based systems.

In a faction based system, it’s much easier for someone who isn’t in a clan/guild to join the battle. Premade groups aren’t always necessary, and there are usually plenty of targets to go after. Huge battles are often and usually don’t require a set time to experience. Unfortunately, you aren’t able to kill idiots in your own faction that deserve to be stabbed to death in real life.

In a player killer based system everyone is a target. No where is safe and you shouldn’t trust anyone. Adventuring alone is suicide since there is strength in numbers and most people will kill you because they can. Only the strong survive in this environment.

The key ingredient that determines if one of these systems is better than the other is Risk vs Reward. If there isn’t a real penalty or reward for kills or deaths, both systems will become boring quick.

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