Ahead of the Curve

by Tayman on July 1, 2009

Think Outside The Box

Very seldom will I give out some of my personal “secrets to success”. Today I am in a good mood, so the Karashur.net readers will get a treat. Some of these techniques are well known to the hardcore, but many of you out there seem to ignore the possiblities. These strategies can be used for most mmos, especially the new ones.

Read the damn patch notes!
There are so many ways to capitalize with patch notes. You can really benefit if the proposed patch notes are released before the patch goes live. For starters, quite a few companies make the mistake of telling us which exploits they are going to fix before actually fixing them… You can also play the market with patch notes. If a certain item will no longer be available, the rarity will increase. Certain crafting mechanics or items tend to change and make millions for those who planned ahead.

Sign up for beta
This is pretty self-explanatory… If you can play the game way ahead of everyone else, you will have a serious advantage. You can also test out bugs for the development team to fix, which brings me to my next helpful tip.

Shut the F*$# Up
This one may be a little “controversial”. If you find out something that will benefit yourself, your clan, or your real life wallet, keep it to yourself. Get as much out of it as you can before you call the police(game developers). Make sure you don’t get banned in the process.

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